Gamification involves the incorporation of traditional gaming elements into non-gaming activities. Such features include achievements, skills, and competitions to reward user behaviour. We have seen this trend develop as humans go more digital, coupled with the increasing popularity of video games.

The strategy has been implemented in various goods, such as banking, self-help apps, and marketing campaigns. It is no wonder that research on gamification has shown a direct correlation between higher motivation and engagement.

A powerful mix of gamification techniques with financial incentives is now known as GameFi. In addition, Move to Earn (M2E) ventures are now leveraging motion-sensor technology to create a new GameFi niche that compensates users for maintaining an active lifestyle.

With the M2Es boom, there is no doubt that the move-to earn trend is the next big thing in the crypto industry.

Move-to-Earn, or Walk-to-Earn, is growing exponentially, and projects are trying to get an early market share of the upcoming craze. The Move-to-Earn model has reached a mass audience, raised awareness about -to-Earn models, and enabled many people to earn while moving.

Next-generation blockchain Move-to-Earn games are now being gamified and seamlessly integrated into users' daily lives.

Mad Backpacks combines the best of Play-to-Earn and Move-to-Earn into one Find-to-Earn game.

What would you think if someone told you 10 years ago that you could walk, make new friends, play, and earn while using a game? This is the uniqueness that Mad-Backpacks provides.

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