Basic gameplay

The player utilizes the scanner in order to generate coins. There will also be one MAD reward. The player examines the map to determine the position of the coins and selects which coin to collect. The player approaches the coin and can utilize AR mode at will. By hitting the "collect" button, which appears if the coins are closer than 5m to the player, the player can start the game and obtain coins from both the map and AR mode. The user can view the coins' location and lucky coins in AP mode. The distance to the MAD prize and the current possibility of finding a loot box are both displayed to the player.

Mini game The mini-game entails using a ball to knock out coins suspended in the air. The ball is located at the bottom of the screen, and the player can move it horizontally by holding it down with a finger. In order to throw the ball, the player must hold it and swipe up; the sharper the swipe, the faster the ball. The ball is launched in the opposite direction of the swipe and continues flying from line 8. The ring starts moving from side to side above the coins as soon as the player holds down the ball. The ring's horizontal initial point is the same as the ball below. The ring stops moving as soon as the player throws the ball. Then, the ball flies away after being pulled back into the ring. When the ball lands in the ring's velocity zone, the game is over. The ball knocks out both coins and any lucky coins that have been hit on the way.

  1. As soon as the player taps on the ball 5, the ring starts moving along line 2 from side to side.

  2. Ring velocity

  3. Coins

  4. Lucky coins

  5. MAD ball is the ball that is thrown by the player with a view to collecting coins.

  6. Power and ball throw direction(not visually shown)

  7. The force and trajectory of the ball's toss (not visually shown)

  8. Ball trajectory

  9. The line along which the ball can be relocated. As of this line, when the ball is thrown, it starts moving.

The game is played on a 2D plane that is tilted 60 degrees toward the horizon (needs to be tested). The player sees a window displaying the outcome after the game is over; if the outcome does not satisfy him, he can restart the game by spending one more ball. Having been collected in the mini-game, the coins get into a MAD wallet. In this case, the coin is not a genuine token. The player cannot access any of the coins in the MAD wallet.

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