PvP mode

The player is capable of participating in PvP. PvP participation entails a player searching for a competitor by pressing the "PvP" button on the gamepad. Ratings are used to determine who the opponent will be. Each player has a rating in PvP. Each victory contributes one point toward the total, while each loss is worth one point toward the total. Following a run of victories and defeats, the rating changes by 2. In order to engage in PvP, the user must purchase PvP balls.

PvP battles consist of three minigame rounds that are played simultaneously. For each PvP match, one PvP ball is spent. The lucky coins are generated based on the worst qualities of one of the players taking part. Based on the outcomes of three minigames, the player who collects the majority of coins wins. According to each month's results, players from various leagues are awarded. The prize pool is comprised of tokens purchased for PvP balls.

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