Every player has a scanner - a coin generation tool. The scanner has the following characteristics:

Power - coin lifetime (minutes) Efficiency - number of coins generated at a time Level - number of uses per day Spread - the higher spread, the higher the chance that the coins will be closer to the scanner point of use.

The scanner can be levelled up. The number of scanners that can be used daily is limited. Scanner level-up is done on the account of the backpack's burning and token consumption. Each characteristic point higher than 3 costs backpack burning and additional token input. Via common backpacks, a player can level up only 7 points. Via rare ones, no more than 11 points can be hit, and via epic backpacks, no more than 15 points. Each characteristic's first point costs 10 tokens, the second point costs 20, the third one costs 30, and so on. Without burning bags, the first three points in each category are levelled up.

Scanner features A coin’s lifetime means its existence time on the player's map. When the coin's lifetime is over, it is removed from the player's map. The coin lifetime is measured in minutes and assigned to the coins when the scanner is utilized. It also depends on the power characteristics. Lifetime = 24 minutes * power (at maximum level 15, life time would be 6 hours). At maximum portal level - 4, the portal has 4 scans per 6 hours - 24 hours.

The number of coins - constitutes coins that are generated when clicking a scan. 5+ Efficiency coins are to be generated. This way, we may end up generating up to 20 coins at a time.

Coin Spread: Now, it is about time to elaborate on the concept called "coin spread." If a spread is low, the distance between coins is between 200-300 meters. If a spread is medium, the distance is 300-500 meters, and if it is high, the distance is above 500 meters. The first coin is used to be generated within a radius of 200-300 from the scanner’s location of use. Subsequent coins are generated according to two rules. Spread/3 will have a low spread on generation while spread-spread/3 will have a medium spread on generation.

Coins with a low spread are generated starting from the second coin. Then coins with an average spread, and then a huge spread are generated. The spread criteria for the subsequent coin must match the distances of all preceding coins. In the case of the second coin, the two distances are the distances from the place where the scanner and the first coin are used. Scanner level: As the scanner's quality improves, the level becomes higher:

The second level is enhanced on account of the 7 allocated stats. The third level is enhanced on account of the 14 allocated stats. The fourth level is enhanced on account of the 21 allocated stats. In total, the player possesses 42 available stats, with a maximum level of 15 for each feature. The level of the scanner affects how many scans there will be. Scan restoration only takes place during specific hours of the day.

MAD reward - is generated at a distance of 500-700 meters from the scanner’s location of use. The lifetime of MAD rewards is the same as coins’.

When the time has come, players have the opportunity to see each other’s coins. As soon as the player presses a button “ to use a portal”, a certain number of coins, corresponding to the portal’s levelling up, are generated in the portal range. The generated coins are visible to other players. Once the coins' lifespan has been determined by the scanner, the generated coins and the portal usage point vanish. Portals closer than 1km from the portal usage location cannot be used by the player or other players. The player does not see this place on the map, but rather sees the distance to it and a few clues in AR mode. In addition to regular coins, a MAD award is also generated. There are collection elements available for the player at the MAD award point.

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