Characteristics performance

  1. Luck - the higher luck is, the higher the risk that LuckyCoin will drop when collecting coins.

  2. Accuracy - the higher accuracy is, the higher likelihood of a bonus getting into LuckyCoin.

  3. Durability - this is the feature that indicates the number of coin collections a player can perform without having to fix the backpack.

  4. Seeking - a setting that impacts the likelihood of finding a loot box.

  5. Size is the characteristic that determines backpack capacity.

  6. Backpack level - increases repair costs and unlocks slots for energy drinks.

Each characteristic mentioned above may be subject to upgrade.

Lucky Coin Chance - luck*0.005, which means that if luck is 100, the chance is 0.5, or 50%. If the probability is greater than 100%, then everything above 100% demonstrates the likelihood that a second lucky coin will emerge. Everything that is above 200% gives the chance that a third coin will show up, and so on.

Bonus for hitting Lucky coin - 1+(Accuracy * 0.005), i.e., with an accuracy of 100, the player's earnings will be increased by 1.5 times.

Backpack wear - after each mini-game, backpack wear tends to decrease by 1 point. Durability is the initial wear value. The backpack capacity is reduced by 20% when wear is 50%. When the wear value <= 10% the backpack capacity is reduced by 50%. By investing a token, the player can repair the backpack. The backpack's rarity and level determine the price.

The cost of 1% wear for a common item is 0.05 tokens, for a rare one - 0.1 tokens, for an epic one - 0.15 tokens, for a legendary one- 0.2 tokens + the cost of repairing 10% of wear for each level of the item is 0.1. So a complete repair of a 30-level item will cost 10 00.130=30.

Coin capacity: indicates how many coins can fit in the backpack. All the collected coins are put in the backpack after the mini-game. Coins that do not fit in the backpack vanish.

Backpack level - It may be higher than the token, giving free points that can be distributed among the backpack's other characteristics. By increasing the backpack's level of different rarities, the player will gain a different number of free points for each group.

RP = BC + LC*L, where "BC" stands for "price per rarity."

LC - Price per level (each rarity has its own)

L indicates the current level of the backpack

RP stands for "repair price," which refers to the price of fixing a totally worn backpack.

The price at full wear and tear was used in the calculation of the cost of repairโ€”the price drops in direct proportion to the amount of wear that has occurred.

RPC equals RP less the current repair cost, which is calculated as (1-(CD/D*RP)), CD - current durability, D - maximum durability.

the numerical values of the prices are shown in the table under the Durability tab

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