Characteristics Upgrade

If the player's order is successful, all of the desired attributes will be increased to the level at which they were requested.

If the player presses "+" (see Item 11 above), a popup will appear, detailing the trait and its current pumping price in tokens. When the player clicks the "Upgrade" button, their performance will immediately improve by the specified number of points. When the user clicks "upgrade," the customized window disappears, and the bottom menu turns into a transaction confirmation menu.

The player can either agree to the transaction, cancel it, or keep buying performance upgrades up to the amount of money they have left in their account.

If you confirm the transaction by clicking the button, we will immediately begin the process of withdrawing the money from your account. If the transaction is successful, the player's attributes are increased to the levels they were set at during the ordering process; otherwise, the player is sent back to the confirmation window. Only by selecting "reject" will the player's ordered qualities be reset.

After the player has signed the transaction, the bottom menu will display "Pending" until the time of approval. "Transaction failed" appears in the bottom menu if the transaction fails.

If there isn't enough money to order the next characteristic, the "insufficient funds" message shows up for three seconds after you hit "+" on the main screen or on the page with descriptions of the characteristics. After that, the message fades away.

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