Free Backpack

Having signed up, each player obtains a backpack free of charge. The free backpack has a capacity equal to the number of coins necessary for an NFT mint. The free backpack capacity is charged separately and it is not upgradeable. All the features of a free backpack are equal to 1. The capacity is relatively stable and not affected by the size characteristics. The free backpack has a capacity of 1412 coins.

When distributing rewards, coins saved in a free backpack are disregarded since this is a separate account. If the player owns previous NFT backpacks with which the player earned coins, then additional rewards for these coins will be gained. At the time of reward distribution, coins are not removed from the free backpack account. Other backpack coins cannot be poured into a free backpack. Coins cannot be moved from one free backpack to another. A free backpack is ineligible for two-pack mint participation.

The MAD prize provided by the free backpack is not an item collection; alternatively, the player always receives 5 coins for the free backpack account from the box. Once the free backpack is loaded, the player cannot collect new coins with the help of the free backpack. When the free backpack is fully equipped, the mint button of the new NFT backpack is made available. The user will create a common rarity backpack with 4 randomly selected slots by hitting this button. The number of free backpack slots is limited, and they are arranged in random order. The player's complimentary coin-filled knapsack vanishes following a mint.

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