Loot boxes

A loot box has a rarity and can be easily found by the player. Rewards depend on the rarity and the loot box unlock cost. The higher the rarity, the higher the cost of loot box unlocking, but the higher the reward within. The player can find coins, energy drinks, and clothing in the loot box (it is needed for mint).

Lootbox finding mechanism

Chance to find a loot box: chance = 0.

Being knocked out, lucky ball chance= chance+Seeking*0,0001. After each mini-game, it is necessary to check if a loot box with a chance has been discovered. Subsequently, if a loot box has been found, chance = 0. If no matches are discovered, keep the current chance value. Therefore, if the seeking = 100, each lucky ball knocked out will increase the chance by 1%.

The likelihood of discovering a rare loot box is determined by the rarity and the backpack’s level.

The player has 3 loot box slots. The found loot box burns out if there are no free slots for it. The loot box unlock cost decreases with time, but never reaches 0. The higher the rarity, the higher the unlock cost. Loot boxes are not available for sale.

Initial unlock cost

  1. Common - 50 coins

  2. Rare - 100 coins

  3. Epic - 200 coins

  4. Legendary - 400 coins

Every hour, the initial unlock cost is decreased by 1 coin. However, it does not fall lower than:

  1. Common - 25 coins

  2. Rare - 50 coins

  3. Epic - 100 coins

  4. Legendary - 200 coins

Depending on the current backpack’s rarity, the chances of finding loot boxes are the following:

  1. Common backpack - 80% common loot box, 20% rare.

  2. Rare backpack - 40% common, 50% rare, 10% epic.

  3. Epic backpack - 40% rare, 45% epic, and 5% legendary.

  4. Legendary backpack - 70% epic, 30% legendary.

If the likelihood of an energy drink = 50%, a cloth = 40%, and a token = 10%, then a cloth, energy drink, or token will fall out of the loot box. The energy drink's rarity is determined by the loot box rarity:

  1. Common loot box - 80% common energizer, 20% rare

  2. Rare loot box - 40% common, 50% rare, 10% epic

  3. Epic loot box - 40% rare, 45% epic, 5% legendary

  4. Legendary loot box - 70% epic, 30% legendary

The higher the rarity, the greater the likelihood that more tokens will fall out.

Tokens tend to fall out starting from 0.08* (initial unlock cost) to the minimal unlock cost of 1.5.

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