MAD prize and collections

Collections are groups of items; in total, there are 3 sets of 3 items throughout the game. When the player collects three items from one of the sets, he earns a reward, and the three items vanish. Items are merged. Therefore, if a player discovers an item he already owns, he tends to obtain more items. There are only three types of collections: rare, epic, and legendary: Toy cars - 20 MAD coins Vegetables - 50 MAD Coins Animals - reward 100 MAD coins

A player only sees the box when they discover a MAD prize on the map, not the item itself. The prize must be 5 meters away from the box before the player can tap on it to collect it. Thereafter, the box opening animation and the creation of the collection item will actually take place. As regards the AR mode, the player is able to observe the box only for the first 10m.

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