Mint with one backpack

Using an NFT backpack and a governance token allows the user to create a new backpack. In order to access the mint menu, the player must hit the mint button on the extensive backpack upgrade menu.

Each backpack may only be used seven times. Each successive usage costs more than the prior one. The cost of a mint increases according to the rarity of the backpack. The "mint" sheet includes prices for backpacks of various rarities.

You are permitted to make use of a backpack that does not show signs of wear and tear, does not contain any coins, and has less than seven uses for a mint. At least, the level of the backpack has to be 5. At this point, approximately 48 hours have not passed since the player's account was first updated with the backpack. At least two full days have passed since the mint backpack was last put to use.

The new backpack will have an 80% chance of being the same rarity as the previous one, with a 10% chance of being one rarity higher and a 10% chance of being one rarity lower. A common backpack has a 20% chance of being one rarity higher. The legendary backpack has a 20% chance of being 1 rarity lower. No slots are repeated. The slot sequence is random. The initial parameters are determined by rarity, as described in the document "start-up characteristics."

Rarity sequence: common, rare, epic, legendary

If the backpack meets all the requirements and the player seems to have enough tokens, the MINT button is activated, and MINT appears to be happening when it is pushed. Choose any backpack design at random from Moto, Octopus, Fish, Skull, or Crystal.

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