A bonus is awarded to the player if they hit the lucky coin, and the size of the bonus is determined by the number of coins that are eliminated. A lucky coin is not considered a coin. There is no such coin. The player will earn an extra number of coins equal to the bonus multiplied by the number of lucky coins that are knocked out. As a result, the total number of coins equals the number of coins. get + coins. The second term, "get a bonus," is repeated as many times as the lucky coin was knocked out.

When you acquire a characteristic, your level of progress increases. The level increases for a different number of characteristics, and it depends on rarity:

  1. common - each purchased point

  2. rare - every 2 points purchased

  3. epic - every 4 points purchased

  4. legendary - every 6 points purchased

As the level grows, so does the price of qualities. Prices vary based on rarity. (Levels tab)

Upgrade = (k*n/p)/r, where

k is the price in dollars, which equals $2;

n is the level of the backpack with the current number of characteristics;

p is the token exchange rate against the dollar, which equals $0.05;

r is the rate of progression.

The rarity factor goes from 1 for common to 2 for uncommon, 4 for epic, and 6 for legendary.

The token price is determined according to the current token price in US dollars. When ordering features, it's essential to think about the possibility that the backpack level might go up, as this could change the price of the next component you order. The level of your backpack may go up to a maximum of 50. This means that once the player's backpack reaches level 50, they won't be able to enhance it anymore.

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