💡Token Utility

The Utility of $WWMB & WWY Tokens will be classified under the following:

  • In-App: $WWMB Tokens will be used for Backpack Upgrades, BackPack Repairs, Backpack Breeding, Backpack Burn, Boost Purchase and Loot Box Purchase. While both $WWY tokens can be used for Quests.

  • In Game: Both $WWMB & $WWY tokens will be used for mini-games.

  • Guild: $WWMB Tokens will be used for guild ladder and Guild territory controls, while $WWY Tokens will be used for joining the guilds, guild voting, guild perks, guild challenge & challenge bets.

  • PVP: $WWMB Token will be used for PVP ladder and PVP challenges, While $WWY will be used for Pvp tournaments.

  • Mad BackPacks Platform: Both $WWMB and $WWY Tokens will be used for backpack purchase, staking, lending and borrowing.

The player has two accounts: a spending one and a wallet - a blockchain wallet.

Spending: An internal game account where earned tokens are transferred before being used for in-game purchases, such as those made on the market.

Wallet: A player-managed, external wallet that is directly connected to the game. Between wallets, the player is able to transfer tokens and NFTs. Only one wallet allows for the sending of tokens and NFTs to external wallets. The player can relink the wallet.

Game tokens

2 tokens are used in the game: governance and utility tokens. The player obtains a utility token as a reward for their participation in the game. There is no way to get a governance token in the game.

The utility token is spent on:

  • Backpack repair

  • Backpack mint

  • Backpack upgrade

  • Scanner upgrade

  • Loot box unlock

The governance token is spent on:

  • Backpack mint

Price calculations include the use of two fundamental values:

  • The expected reward for a player's actions

  • Average action time

The player is given a free backpack and can instantly start playing. A player who has a common backpack does not take part in the daily reward pool distribution but instead racks up coins in their MAD wallet. Once a player collects a particular amount of coins, he can convert his backpack into an NFT and start taking part in the reward distribution process with the help of a free mint.

Loot boxes and daily rewards for collecting MAD coins are the sources for earning tokens. Token output: backpack and portal upgrades, its repair, loot box unlock, and backpack mint.

A list of what can be found in the StePn loot boxes is available.

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