Player Reward Calculation

Ui is the reward that the player will receive in exchange for the coins collected in 24 hours.

ui = (i=1nGii*h * s) / z * r * (mi / mMax)

mi = ki/Gi

ui = (i=1nGii*h * s) / z * r * (mi / mMax)

mi = ki/Gi

Gi is the total cost of one mint in governance tokens that a player possessed after obtaining awards for all of the backpacks in his collection at the time of the initial scan. This cost is calculated after the player has received any rewards. We take the first minute's cost into account when calculating the total. The price is indicated on the mint sheet, and each rarity has its own value.

h is the halving factor, and the default value is 1.

mi is the player's efficiency and is equal to the ratio of the coins the player acquired to the spent tokens that were converted into dollars at the average rate at the time rewards were distributed.

ki is the coins that are accumulated by the player.

mMax refers to the player with the best efficiency out of all the others who took part in the distribution.

r represents the amount of money made, as determined by the coefficient; at this time, it is 0.03 (making it possible to change during the game)

S is the daily average of the exchange rate at which the governance token was traded on the day before rewards were given out.

Z is the average daily price at which the utility token was traded before the prizes were given out.

When calculating the average price, we look at four different price values once every six hours.

Halving and h calculations:

When you click the scan button for the first time after receiving an award, we record the backpacks in the collection and who wore them. After the user has earned a reward in utility tokens, governance tokens are sent to these backpacks. Each backpack has an internal governance token account. Governance tokens are distributed to the following accounts:

GM = GM + ((Gin*h)/i=1nGii*h) * ui*z/s

*We determine the proportion of the overall cost that is accounted for by the price of a backpack and then multiply this proportion by Ui. We can convert the number of tokens into money based on the rates of the tokens.

After that, we verify each backpack for any missing items. GM ==> Gi; if the answer is yes, then we set h equal to h/2 and GM equal to 0; otherwise, nothing is altered.

We will use the following preset exchange rates for the test version:

S = 0.1 \sZ - 0.05

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