Interaction with a Wallet

An external wallet, which the player links to the program, is utilized for all transactions that take place inside the game. If the wallet is not connected, the "Connect" button will appear in the coin display area. If the wallet is linked, the balance of that wallet is sure to be displayed. If the player clicks on the coins, they will be brought to an interface where their balances will also be visible. However, the player has the ability to disconnect the external wallet by clicking the "disconnect" button.

There are 2 tokens used in the game: governance and utility. As a bonus for their participation in the game, the player will be given a utility token. There is no way to get a governance token in this version of the game.

The utility token is spent on

  • Backpack repair

  • Backpack upgrade

  • Upgrading the scanner

  • Opening loot boxes

The governance token is spent on:

  • Backpack Mint

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