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The unique concept of a Find-to-Earn augmented reality NFT
Mad Backpacks provides a unique experience for its users by introducing the unique concept of a Find-to-Earn augmented reality NFT game built on Binance Smart Chain. This way, we get to retain and create a new experience for players and reward them for their activities. We aim to create a paradigm shift from the regular traditional games.
Top features from M2E and P2E
We took the top features from the Move-to-Earn and Play-to-Earn models to create a flexible and engaging game for users.
In most cases of gameplay, there are lots of issues that arise from poor user experience; Madpacks changes that narrative by introducing the top features from GameFi and M2es.
A Part of Daily Life
With a move2earn game like Mad BackPacks, human daily tasks and activities can be easily achieved. Our user experience makes it simple for players to accomplish daily tasks.
With mad backpacks, players can play and earn together by joining a guild to earn more and control more expansive areas, unlike in traditional games where this isn’t possible.