Guild Actions (TBA)

Joining a Guild: Paid Users Can join guilds by staking $WWMB tokens in a guild pool.

50% of pool rewards are burned. 41% of pool rewards equally distributed between guild members.

9% of pool rewards are equally distributed between top-3 players in the guild. 2 players are chosen automatically (based on the amount of tokens they gathered during Guild Territory Control and Guild Challenge Events). 1 player will be determined by guild voting.

Guild Territory Control: members of particular guild where the ones who gather the largest amount of tokens in particular area (Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina, Dubai City Center, etc) at the end of month - they receive 50% of passive income this area gives during the next month or until they lose Guild Challenge. Other 50% of Territory Rewards burned

Guild Challenge Bets: Before initializing the Guild Challenge both guilds can bet $WWMB tokens. After the event tokens are burned, but grant additional passive income from territory for the next week.

Guild Ladder: Guilds form a ladder. At the end of each season top-10 guilds with the largest amount of tokens gathered / largest amount of territory controlled - receive rewards for all participants.

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