1. Button to return to the previous screen

2. Currency icons and their quantity: token and MAD coin

3. Current backpack level

4. Energy slots have 3 states: locked, open, and full. If it is open, when pressed, a window for choosing an energy drink pops up.

5. Icon showing that the slot is locked

6. A window that displays the current backpack

7. NFT number

8. Attribute icons with their current level

9. Button to buy attribute points. When pressed, a window for buying a characteristic point with a description pops up.

10. Attribute Durability - has 3 states, the backpack is completely repaired, needs repair, is completely worn out

11. Menu bar with buttons:

а) Repairing a backpack, when clicked, a repair window pops up

b) Mint - when clicked, the mint window pops up

с) Sale - when clicked, a window for placing a backpack on the marketplace pops up

d) Transfer - when clicked, an interface for transferring a backpack to another address pops up

12. Progress bar of the backpack fullness with MAD coins

13. Button for moving MAD coins between backpacks. When clicked, a window pops up.

14. Mint progress bar. It shows the number of uses of the backpack in the mint, which cannot be more than 7

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